Our Vision

Towards a Prosperous land through an expeditious public service.

Our Mission

Service provision, resource coordination in pursuant to state policies and uplifting living conditions of people in the area through an efficient, sustainable, planned development process.

History of Dankotuwa Divisional Secretariat

The Dankotuwa Divisional Secretariat is situated bounded by territories of the Wennappuwa, Katana, Pannala and Nattandiya divisional Secretariats and comprises an extent of 79.36 square Kilometers.

It is in year 1999; the Dankotuwa Divisional Secretariat was set up as the administration hub in the Dankotuwa division. Mr. S.H. Harischandra has been the first Assistant Government Agent to take up duties at the very beginning. Later, he was succeeded by Mr. H.S.S. Lucena. In 1998, this office was elevated to a Divisional Secretariat and Miss R.H.K. Mallika assumed duties as the first Divisional Secretary.

Mr. Warnakulasooriya Prince Senadheera is the incumbent Divisional Secretary and fourty seven (47) Grama Niladari and Samurdhi divisions are coming under the purview of this Divisional Secretariat.

History of  Dankotuwa

The history of Dankotuwa dates back to the King Dutugemunu. As great Mahavansa reveals, there were ten giants attached to the service of the King Dutugemunu and Gotaimbara was one of them. Before preparing for a war, King Dutugemunu sent out these giants to various places of the country and ordered them to cultivate paddy fields in large extents and to store harvest for safe keeping. Accordingly, Giant Gotaimbara had been detailed to the Makadura block of paddy fields which is situated in close proximity to the Dankotuwa area. This is a great extent of paddy fields running down to Haldaduwana, a location in the Dankotuwa DS division. Dankotuwa has been selected as the storing point of the paddy harvest so collected which was popularized by the name of Granary (Dhanya Kotuwa) and the same name later transformed into incumbent named “Dankotuwa”.

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